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July 2nd, 2007


Jarrah's Uplink

Welcome to TransStellar, a comic detailing the adventures of Dari, Jamen, Zartes and Apple, and their ship the Evasion. It will also, in a more indirect way, detail me getting to grips with drawing with continuity and backgrounds (eeek). Not to mention deadlines (bleh)

I illustrate the comic, create the general story, and write some of the gags. John (to my right) writes more of the gags, and makes my gags funnier.

Some dedications are in order. I would like to point you all towards the webcomics Schlock Mercenary (which got me inspired to make the setting for this comic after my previous one fell apart from continual tinkering), Irregular Webcomic (which inspired the whole “speech balloons above the pictures” thing), and A Miracle of Science (which inspired me to actually sit down and write the sodding thing). I’ve also nicked the one features all three comics share: the use of the space under the comic to rant about the comic

I was also going to say something about hard science, but John laughed at me. I'm not sure if it was the lack of science, or the crude jokes...

Oh, and don’t worry… its not all stabbing people.

John's Uplink

Ahoy there, planetlubbers, and welcome to the first ever TransStellar comic. This has been in the making for... well... years now, ever since me, Jarrah, and Anna first created Jamen, Zartes and Dari. Once they were mere character sheets, today, they are the stars of a fully-fledged webcomic, voyaging into new and unplumbed depths of bad jokes, terrible punchlines and even worse plotting...

I'd like to dedicate this comic to the many, many people who don't exist.

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